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Past Projects

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The Farnham Public Art Trust's first action on its foundation in 1995 was to survey the town to identify suitable sites for public art. This was followed by the publication of an information leaflet for visitors describing and illustrating the existing pieces of public art and craft.

Links with the art college

Farnham has an important and long-established art college (now the University for Creative Arts) and the Trust was keen to establish links between the college and the town, so a project was set up in which third-year students designed site-responsive pieces to be displayed in the historic garden of Farnham Library. This concept has now been successfully incorporated into the college's curriculum with annual exhibitions.

William Cobbett Statue 

William Cobbett Statue  William Cobbett, 1763-1835, author, journalist, radical politician and founder of Hansard (the printed transcripts of parliamentary debates) was born in Bridge Square, Farnham, and is buried in the churchyard of St Andrew’s Parish Church in the town. He was the son of the farmer, but in spite of having very limited education he became the most influential journalist of his time and one of most prolific writers.  He is perhaps best known for his 1830 classic, Rural […]

The Cobbett Clock

The Cobbett Clock In 1997 a project was launched to commission a work of art for the Woolmead area of Farnham. The Woolmead is a 1960s development which is now felt to be out of keeping with the town’s mainly Georgian character, and a competition was held to choose a design for a free-standing public clock in an area of open space.   The competition was won by Michael Chaikin, a kinetic sculptor, who designed a 22ft high clock with […]

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee To commemorate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002, the Trust commissioned a mosaic illustrating aspects of Farnham’s history. Local artist Sally Smith was selected, and the mosaic was placed on a wall in a small courtyard at the back of Boots the Chemists, off the town’s Central car park, now known as Mosaic Court.  In addition, a carved wooden seat by the wood sculptor Will Glanfield was commissioned, and placed round the trunk of a tree […]

Summer Exhibitions

Summer exhibitions Exhibitions, organised by the Trust’s president Charles Bone, have been held so far in August 2009, 2010 and 2011, and it is planned that they will be a regular annual event.  The Trust runs a Summer Exhibition showing the work of established professional artists, many of them from the local area. These exhibitions raise funds for projects; in 2009 an important sculpture by Sheila Mitchell, “Lady with a Bird”, was sold, and in 2010 the Trust benefited from […]

Hospital Development Sculpture

Hospital Development Sculpture As well as these bigger projects, the Trust has investigated and supported many others, and was a partner with Waverley Borough Council and Bellway Homes Ltd. in the commissioning of a piece of public art for Bellway’s new development on part of the Farnham Hospital site.  This project was initiated by Bellway who offered £15,000 and the Trust ran an open competition designed to involve the local arts community in the selection process.  The competition was won […]

The Longbridge History Plaque

The Longbridge History Plaque The stainless steel Longbridge plaque has been unveiled by the path next to Longbridge. Installed in October 2015 and was donated by the Farnham Public Art Trust. It contains a brief history of the bridge, where there was a ford in Saxon times, with a drawing of the original bridge with its stone arches. There has been a bridge here since the 13th century, and the present one was rebuilt in the 1960s.