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About The Trust

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About the Trust

What we do...

The Farnham Public Art Trust welcomes you to its website

We are a small charitable trust founded in 1995 by the late Major Bryan Sell MBE who was at the time an elected member of Farnham Town Council and Mayor of Farnham. He was a strong supporter of all forms of public art and craft, because he saw how much such features can contribute to the character and individuality of towns like Farnham.

Recognising that public authorities would always have difficulty in finding funding for art projects because they have so many urgent demands upon their often limited resources, he decided to set up a charitable trust to raise money independently and undertake this work.

The Trust Deed, taking the Hampshire Sculpture Trust as a model, was signed on 18th May 1995, with eight trustees including Major Sell himself. Four were elected local councillors, there was a representative of the Farnham Society and also the Farnham Art Society, together with an architect and a local sculptor.

The Trust's charitable objective is:

To advance public education in the arts in Farnham and its environs by the display of works of art and craft in public places.

Since its foundation, the trust has grown and prospered. Currently there are thirteen trustees including artists, architects, a teacher and representatives of the local community with specialist knowledge relating to the trust's work. Meetings are usually held every other month, and are regularly attended by Waverley Borough Council's Community and Art Development officer and a representative of Farnham Town Council.

The trust initiates its own art and craft projects as well as supporting and facilitating others. To cover administrative costs it organises a programme of lectures from September to May each year, on a variety of subjects relating to the arts and architecture.

Our Contact Details

If you would like to obtain information about us and our projects, or make a donation, please contact us.